Implacable MerCenaries.eSports  LoL  id:  7489251

Name Implacable MerCenaries.eSports
Shorthandle iMercS™
Registered since 30/01/13
IRC LoL wars  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Implacable MerCenaries eGaming
Headquarters  Greece
Area/Region All around Greece
  2  Awards  
IRC LoL wars  (QuakeNet)
Gameserver Implacable-MerCenaries™eSports TS3 ServeR:
Password:Ask for password*
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Latest matches
  League of Legends Go4LoL Greece Cup #28 (Σάββατο 18.05.13)
loss   Team Web Nir  0 Saturday, 18/05/13 09:15 1
wins   ToD  + 2 Saturday, 18/05/13 08:15 1
  League of Legends EU Nordic & East Go4LoL Cup #141 (Sun 12.05.13)
loss   Change Yours Destiny  0 Sunday, 12/05/13 10:15 3
wins   Asinae  + 2 Sunday, 12/05/13 09:00 2
  League of Legends Go4LoL Greece Cup #18 (Σάββατο 02.03.13)
loss   Lapras Used Surf  0 Saturday, 02/03/13 09:15
wins   NeverTellSS  + 2 Saturday, 02/03/13 08:15 3
  League of Legends EU Nordic & East Go4LoL Cup #130 (Sun 24.02.13)
loss   Voittamaton  0 Sunday, 24/02/13 12:30 1
wins   Niepokonani jak najman  + 2 Sunday, 24/02/13 11:30 2
wins   Hippopotamus Gaming 2k13  + 2 Sunday, 24/02/13 10:15 1
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 24/02/13 09:00
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[History of our Team]
The team was founded in 2010.The name of the team was EpsilonGR.Started as an idea back in MW2 when some friends from CoD4 decided to create a team dedicated on Call of Duty Series.Rayan,Vasanistis,SavvaS,Theodore and Carlito.After one year [EpsilonGR] became well known for our competitive and fair style.

At Call of Duty:Black Ops recruiting was open and many good players joined the team.After some months of daily training we joined both and eu ladders with 2 teams and fast enough we were the best Greek team in Black Ops in Greece and in the top 5 Teams on Europe.

On Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 many players was inactive other because of mw3 promod and other for many reasons.Although we was semi-active we achieve many thinghs like the 8th place in the 1st MW3 Greek 5vs5 Championship ESL (out of 32 Teams).

In the begining of the Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 we decided to change our name from [EpsilonGR] to [Implacable-MerCenaries™] and we made this move to give a much better prospects on our team and with that change we manage to achieve the European standards for any competitive game such as Battlefield3,League of Legends,Call of Duty series,and much more and we are leaving behind the idea of a clan.

The most important thing is productive communication and organized teamwork in our gameplay, but we are not above having fun as we aspire to these goals.
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