Biala Kielbasa vs. Kangury
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 Biala Kielbasa
Status: closed
MatchID 27590012
Date Sunday, 06 January 17:30
Calculated Sunday, 06 January 18:47
Round Round of 64
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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1 : 0
Biala Kielbasa wins !
Sunday, 06 January 17:25
Round 1
544 kB, Sunday, 06 January 17:25, by domin616 (KNGY)
Sunday, 06 January 17:51
Round 1
302 kB, Sunday, 06 January 17:51, by kamil (Bka)

Biala Kielbasa


Biala Kielbasa
06/01/13 11:50
Opponents are not responding
As we can see its 17;43 already and our opponents dont wanna start game.
They are saying that our guy has 1 letter missing in his game account, he was trying to change it but he cant, some bug dont allow him to do it.
He already did support about it and we are hoping admin will take care of it asap.

As u can see on screenshot they have the host of game so please tell them that we need to start this game or just disqualifie them from this tournament.

*coping from rules

- A simple case of wrong, missing or outdated Summoner Name does not lead into a disqualification or a regame in ESL Tournaments or Ladders, but the player has to update as soon it's known his Summoner.

I dont see the problem in this case then...
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Gracz Nostroo ma złe konto gry...
Issue resolved and match being played.
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