Policyjny Poscig vs. XPC Romania
Contestants Parameters

 Policyjny Poscig
 XPC Romania
Status: closed
MatchID 30765304
Date Tuesday, 09 December 19:00
Calculated Tuesday, 09 December 22:56
Round 3rd Place Final
best_of 5
map Summoners Rift
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Result Media
2 : 3
XPC Romania wins !

Policyjny Poscig

XPC Romania


09/12/14 13:00

Cointoss in favor of Policyjny Poscig. They will get to choose first which side they want in the first map.

–In best of five: The team with 1st ban & pick on the first map, will get 1st ban & pick as well on the 3rd map. The other team will start on the second and a potential 4th map. If a fifth map is required, the team with the better time-coefficient (faster sum of winning times) from the first four maps decides who starts with the bans.

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