Team Smieszkow vs. Darkness and Pain
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 Team Smieszkow
 Darkness and Pain
Status: closed
MatchID 24397685
Date Wednesday, 26 October 20:15
Calculated Wednesday, 02 November 23:41
Round Grand Final
map The Crystal Scar
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Result Media
0 : 1
Darkness and Pain wins ! (Default Win)
Monday, 31 October 20:21
CPL not here*
205 kB, Monday, 31 October 20:21, by 4750412 (DP)
Wednesday, 26 October 20:35
Round 1*
405 kB, Wednesday, 26 October 20:35, by 4869581 (DP)
* No longer available

Darkness and Pain

comments (5)
Can we play a little bit later? Please, be placable :)

w/o we have another cup.
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when is the match going to happen?
is this tournament EVER ending???
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We've hosted the game.

pass is esl123
and still, this cup refuses to end... dont u think its about time??
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