Safety vs. Burn Witch Burn
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 Burn Witch Burn
Status: closed
MatchID 14852737
Date Sunday, 23/08/09 14:00
Calculated 05/09/09 13:11
map Random
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7458 : 177
Safety wins !
Points +3 : 0
05/09/09 13:02
133 kB, 05/09/09 13:02, by 311064 (Safety)
05/09/09 13:12
198 kB, 05/09/09 13:12, by 311064 (Safety)
05/09/09 13:49
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166 kB, 05/09/09 13:49, by Gadz (bwb)
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comments (19)
the witch is on fire ! :)
we don't need no water let the m**** f***** burn .
guys, you can play on Wednesday or Thursday?
maybe on Tuesday? 08/25/09
no we already play STI
can play today or tomorrow. interesting how many more will continue Groupmatch, because only one team has played all six matches?
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26/08/09 18:03 #7

hey gadz

I'm on your steamfriends, maybe it will be more easy to discuss on steam because I dont read this warsheet each hour ^^

I think tomorrow it will be difficult for us, vacations.

cu on steam ;)
kk ))
hello. when you have time to play the last match with us?

as I said on steam, we are only 3 and we take a last for each war. Friday its impossible, Thursday I think we will be only 3 but not sure, so the week-end probably sunday at 21h / 21h30 (maybe saturday ~17h / 18h or night).

we agreed to play on the Blood Harvest.
ok lets go
I cannot enter the score

7458-177 essentiaL won

:D gg
gg for fairplay ^^, see you and gl hf
demos pleaaase :D
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