Cherished - oN.L4D2 vs. Burn Witch Burn
Contestants Parameters
 46.  30.

 Cherished - oN.L4D2
 Burn Witch Burn
Status: closed
MatchID 14852732
Date Thursday, 20/08/09 16:30
Calculated 20/08/09 18:11
map Blood Harvest(5 maps)
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Result Media
421 : 6964
Burn Witch Burn wins !
Points 0 : +3
20/08/09 17:59
143 kB, 20/08/09 17:59, by Obi (oN!)
20/08/09 18:07
final score*
69 kB, 20/08/09 18:07, by Gadz (bwb)
20/08/09 17:59
plug ins*
256 kB, 20/08/09 17:59, by Obi (oN!)
20/08/09 17:59
261 kB, 20/08/09 17:59, by Obi (oN!)
20/08/09 18:10
162 kB, 20/08/09 18:10, by Gadz (bwb)
* No longer available

Burn Witch Burn

comments (17)
play on the generated date?
better to choose a later date. we have a problem. I informed you earlier, if we can on Wednesday.
and when?
How about Thursday or Friday at 21:00 CEST?
tomorrow may at any time.
need to ask my team. dunno if possible. perhaps today. but friday we wont be able to play.
Then let's play better tomorrow. I am not sure that this evening we will have four )
if you can play, then write about it. we will have four players
hi can we start at ten today, then we probably would be four ?
yes. I think we can start at 22:00
okay so i will see what we can do. not sure yet, hope it will work!
so guys ten would be okay could be that obi will be 10 minutes late
what map? How about No Mercy?
gg, owned:( bad day for me:( had brain fail on bh1
yes, bh1 was unlucky for you. but on the last map you played very well. three against four with tank without ammunition and medickit.
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