Impracticable Project vs. tankSmiths
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 Impracticable Project
Status: closed
MatchID 15745114
Date Saturday, 24/10/09 14:00
Calculated 26/10/09 17:07
map Dead Air (esl cfg)
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Result Media
7668 : 7889
tankSmiths wins !

Impracticable Project

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You have 4 days to play this match, this period starts @ 24/10/09 20:00!

Exceeding this deadline will lead to punishment!

Don´t forget to upload the mandatory matchmedia!
* A screenshot of the final score
* A screenshot of the plugins list (command: sm plugins list)
26-27-28/10/09 20:00 CET are our available times. - Add me.
go impro ;D
Well luckily it's not DT ;) Sadly it isn't BH either :P gonna be a good match
Thx for ur support |P|, We rly appreciate it :)
om nom nom nom ;p lets rock!
Too bad there aren't any logs in DA isn't it? ;)
gg, close game

Avoid letting your last tank go AI if we meet again please.
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