PIC.L4D vs. Extinct 4 Kings
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 Extinct 4 Kings
Status: closed
MatchID 15745109
Date Saturday, 24/10/09 15:30
Calculated 25/10/09 20:09
map Death Toll (esl cfg)
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3339 : 3015
PIC.L4D wins !


24/10/09 17:48
bug score
we win map 5 as inf but the score tells a diffrent story!!we had a bug after map 5 inf play so we upload endscreen from map 4 and it was not important to play as surv for us because the game was over!!
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gg,sorry for our indifferent game,gl in the rest of the cup.
indifferent game was,cause we can't play next matches. sorry again)
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