PvP vs. PnH
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Status: closed
MatchID 15745103
Date Tuesday, 20/10/09 14:00
Calculated 22/10/09 12:06
map Death Toll (esl cfg)
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Result Media
3138 : 7094
PnH wins !


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You have 4 days to play this match, this period starts @ 20/10/09 20:00!

Exceeding this deadline will lead to punishment!

Don´t forget to upload the mandatory matchmedia!
* A screenshot of the final score
* A screenshot of the plugins list (command: sm plugins list)
зашшшпилим сиводня?
play today?
in 20 moskow time ?
xz posmotrim...esli vse tipi bydyt to zaebashim xD
play 20oct in 21 moscow time, ok ?
20.10.09 22:00

ви хэйв матч ин 20 зеро зеро тайм анозер тим соре гейс Ж((((
we have match in 20 00 time, another team sorry gays :D:DDDD
бля в 22 это позновато я не могу сегодня тогда, сыграем завтра !
Shit, i can't play today, play tomorow
blaa da davai po bistramy... :D go 3 karti zashpilim?

Oh my god, go play :D full campany :DD
xDDD pacani go shpilit zavtra

xDDD guys go lets play tommorow
22.10.09 20-00 Moscow Time?
ahah Tender Dumb
hhahah poxyi byvaet xDDD
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