Arschwasser Gaming e.V. vs. Sharp Power
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 Arschwasser Gaming e.V.
 Sharp Power
Status: closed
MatchID 15745091
Date Friday, 16/10/09 14:00
Calculated 18/10/09 16:38
map Blood Harvest (esl cfg)
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8273 : 4532
Arschwasser Gaming e.V. wins !

Arschwasser Gaming e.V.

Sharp Power

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You have 4 days to play this match, this period starts @ 16/10/09 20:00!

Exceeding this deadline will lead to punishment!

Don´t forget to upload the mandatory matchmedia!
* A screenshot of the final score
* A screenshot of the plugins list (command: sm plugins list)
We're ready to match right now.
ayanardag/Sharp Solid add me on steam.
Good Luck
Today or Monday good for us.
hey guys, sry for the late reply.

I dont have enough mates anyway for today, so lets play the match on monday. Anything between 19:00 and 21:00 will be good for us.

best regards,
We have a 2 match guys.
You online 5 players and we must do match today.
Today and Monday and accept on steam for friends list
As we talked in steam chat we play the match on sunday 20:00(for us)/21:00 (for Sharp Power).
Yes,It's true.
Good Luck,guys.
We will be there...
awg klärt :)
We will see after match...
Blood Harvest awful map Config is a terrible !
i dont understand that comment
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