***UPDATE*** Insurgency Opening Cup
It´s about time! We are proud to present the Insurgency Opening Cup! The cup will be played in the standard 5v5 mode in a double elimination system with 2 days in between the default dates.
So feel free to spread the word and sign up for the Insurgency Opening Cup! There is more to come!


After a lot of feedback we want to announce that we changed the matchdates, the matchtime and a slight change of the ruleset for the tournament!


Due to the low amounts of signups so far we postpone the entire cup by one week and change the match times. So the first matchdate is Thursday, 20/03/14, 20 CET.


The max rounds mode is now "mr7" instead of "mr9". The .cfg should be updated very soon.

Cup information

In the box below you could find all information about the cup. If you have feedback or additional ideas leave a comment or send us a support ticket!

Insurgency Opening Cup

Sign Up

Signup: Now - 20/03/14
Cup Start: 20/03/14 20:00 CET
Slots: 8/16
Mode: 5v5 Double Elimination
Support: via Support ticket
Mappool: Contact, Heights, Market, Ministry, Peak, Siege, District
Match Mode: 5v5 Firefight / BO1
Rules: Ruleset
Schedule (Defaultdates)

NOW! Signup start
20/03/14 Signup end (19:30 CET)
20/03/14 Checkin start (19:30 CET)
20/03/14 Checkin end (19:50 CET)
20/03/14 Round 1 (20:00 CET)
22/03/14 Round 2 (20:00 CET) WB & LB
24/03/14 Round 3 (20:00 CET) LB
26/03/14 Round 4 (20:00 CET) WB semifinals & LB
28/03/14 Round 5 (20:00 CET) LB
30/03/14 Round 6 (20:00 CET) WB finals & LB
01/04/14 Round 7 (20:00 CET) LB finals
03/04/14 Grand final(20:00 CET)

It is possible to move a certain matchdate for 48h if both teams agree.

More details about Check-In System

Map Elimination

Both teams can agree on a map (Matchchat or matchcomment). If they can't agree the Map Elimination Mode will start.

Explanation of “Map-Pick-Elimination System”

1. Team on the left is assigned as “1st Team”, Team on the right is the “2nd Team” (Matchpage)
2. 1st Team starts eliminating first map.
3. 2nd Team eliminates a second map.
4. Repeat the procedure (step 2&3) and only 1 map will be left.
5. This map has to be played. The team on the right side of the matchpage can choose their map side.


» At least 5 valid Insurgency Gameaccount´s per team
Add your Gameaccount
» Team Logo & shorthandle
Create a Team
» ESL Wire for each player

Opening Cup Prizes

1st place 5x 3 Months ESL Premium
2nd place 5x 2 Months ESL Premium
3rd place 5x 1 Month ESL Premium


The winning player of the Opening Cup will receive the exclusive Opening Cup Winner Award! If there are at least 16 contestants, place 2 and 3 will also be rewarded.

We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

Support and Questions

Don't hesitate and feel free to leave feedback or questions via our Support System or the forum / comment section.

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Your Admin team
Face, Saturday, 08/03/14 08:36
comments (19)
MatchMode 5vs5 / BO1. What does that mean? best of 1?
Yes, so you only play 1 map.
But this one map you play MR7, right? ALl these new weird and difficult nomenclatures (for me) of things that are that easy :)
It's MR9 with 5 minutes per round, here You have config for firefight gamemode: http://www.esl.eu/eu/insurgency/news/237964/
One question!

The LB winner and WB winner are treated equally when going into the grand finals?
Snuffeldjuret wrote:
One question!

The LB winner and WB winner are treated equally when going into the grand finals?

As common for a Double Elimination tournament the winner’s bracket champion needs to beat the loser’s bracket champion once to win the tournament, the loser’s bracket champion must win twice. So the LB champion needs to win two maps while the WB champion needs to win one map.
I'm exited. Let's make it a good opening cup guys. GL & HF to all.
Experienced Competitive FPS player looking for team/sub role for this tournament.
Will subscribe as soon as I got the "go" from my mates.
Hm, something is not right here: http://www.esl.eu/eu/insurgency/5on5/ff_opening_cup/database/members/*/
and we cannot sign back up due to "Registration ends: 20/03/14 20:00" =(.
yeah, same problem.. :S
We´re looking into the issue.

edit: Signups should work now. Apparently we missed 1 parameter when we moved the cup. As result most of the team which already signed up for the Opening Cup were deleted on thursday.

Please sign your team up once again.

We´re sorry about that.
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Cool, signed up now =).
play a tournament with Russian guys!
NUTS wrote:
play a tournament with Russian guys!

Hahahahaha hahaha ha ha h....
The brackets will be up in a few minutes.

edit: http://www.esl.eu/eu/insurgency/5on5/ff_opening_cup/rankings/?killcache=true

In case of problems feel free to join #esl.insurgency (QN) and poke me
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Fauwst wrote:
NUTS wrote:
play a tournament with Russian guys!

Hahahahaha hahaha ha ha h....

hahaha what? I have extensive experience in Action games!
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