5v5 Firefight Ladder Opening
We are proud to announce our new 5v5 Firefight Ladder! After two Testcups we finally open our Ladder, so gather your friends and join! Please read this news carefully, to prevent any problems.
We are still open for feedback so please share your opinions via news comment or forum!

Make sure you fulfill the ladder restrictions before you sign-up. You can challenge other teams or use our matchmaking system. Feel free to check the Matchmaker FAQ.

5on5 Firefight Ladder

Sign up now!


Download: Serverconfig

Download: FireFight.cfg


» At least 5 valid Insurgency Gameaccount´s per team
Add your Gameaccount
» Team Logo & shorthandle
Create a Team
» ESL Wire for each player



Support & Help

For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. Feel free to open a Support Ticket!

Your Admin Team

Face, Friday, 07/03/14 09:49
comments (9)
Finally! :)
Signed up =).
We've only just started playing, but we are defo up for this!

I loved the old ED days on CSS, so lets get it on!
First match went smooth just need more teams to challenge ;D
We need more teams, we are only 11 now :S
we have 32 clans registered to ESL EU. Not sure why they aint signing in.
It would be nice to talk to the leaders of the teams still to sign, they get to try as soon as possible and have more movement in the league ;)
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