Insurgency Test Cup Winners
We have lift off! A fantastic 11 initial teams joined us to kick-off our very first test cup within this new section, but there could only be one winner.We thank all of those that took part today, and hope to see you all next week for the second test cup.

The Test Cup Review

The lights were set for a grand opening Insurgency cup, the camera's were ready also thanks to PhysicX now all we needed was some action, and boy did we get it.

The cup saw the return of some lets say "old" teams such as the guys from Swedish Extraterrestrials and the players from Jawbreakers.

Search and Destroy was the mode that was set for all the players, so it was time to put the AK's to work, as we saw 3 opening matches take place on Contact.

Swedish Extraterrestrials were up against the veterans from JawBreakers, and they got of to a flying start with a very close 10:7 score overall, but Swedish Extraterrestrials were only playing with 4 players. The French players from Old School Corporation were up against Operational Detachment Siera, who were also held to a very close game, terminating in a result of 10:8, giving ODS the advance into the quarters. The team from Poland, Polish Guns, were up against 1 of the two UK teams in the opening cup, but the latter team suffering a heavy 10:0 loss, giving them a lot to go back and reflex on.

So moving on swiftly to the finals,Two-Sided-Pancakes,the team "allegedly" from Madagascar, were up against the Jawbreakers, who mopped the floor with pancakes within the first game winning 9:0, Richi taking a score of 14:2.The Spaniards had some time to relax and wait on the result between KIYF and Head Hunter Gaming, which ended in a 10:5 win for the Americans.On the other half of the bracket, Delta Strike Team the second British team were up against ODS, who took advantage of only playing against a team with 4 players, sending the Brits packing with a 10:0 thumping. Polish Guns were up against the Finnish boys Alapään Karvaajat (The caster enjoyed pronouncing this name), who fought until the very end, with what was a very close game ending 10:7, for the Finns.

So the Semis were to be disputed in the Market, where the Americans suffered an onslaught of RPG's and Rockets, and were only able to gain one round against the JawBreakers who moved on into the prestigious final, meanwhile ODS were up against the player's from Finland who both had impressive starts to this cup, but ODS had their tactics and game-set clear, they were hear for the win and they done so by also producing an impressive 10:1 over the Finns, who moved on into the 3rd place match against the American Head Hunters.

So the final was to be disputed between the Spanish team Jawbreakers and the International mix of ODS, both teams deservedly into the final after showing dominant skill throughout the first rounds. But in the end the winner was clear right from the start, ODS completely dominating the map, and no matter how many rotations JawBreakers made it was simply not enough to fend of ODS.

1. Operational Detachment Sierra
2. JawBreakers
3. Head Hunter Gaming

Test Cup #2

Sign up for second first test cup. Check our rules, test ESL Wire and give us your feedback.

Test Cup #2

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Date: Thursday, February 20th
Start: 19:00 CET
Size: 16/32 teams
Structure: Single Elimination
Coverage: Bracket & Contestants

Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed map per round
Teamsize: 5on5
Mode: Best of One
Settings: Firefight, MR9
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Good luck and have fun!

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Vamp1resa, Friday, 14/02/14 07:38
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cheers but if those 3rd ones are true Americans I don't want them in the EU section just because of simple reason - 120ms+ means unhitable. thanks, bye! ;)
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hello Snuffel :)
Nice to see you back in action!
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lol great summary about cup!
"120ms+ means unhitable" is not even close to true.

Hello Hansa!
Richi wrote:
lol great summary about cup!

120ms? please. You think that's what we were playing in? Try 170-200. I would kill for 120ms.
Really nice report of the cup and it's good to see that the team who kicked our *** reached to the finals.

Fice wrote:
Really nice report of the cup and it's good to see that the team who kicked our *** reached to the finals.
HiNDU wrote:


The teams from the US were allowed to play, but they had to play on a EU server ... Hopefully down the line NA will have their own section :-)
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