Resistance Armee Francophone vs. Team France
Contestants Parameters
 11.  2.

 Resistance Armee Francophone
 Team France
Status: closed
MatchID 14068700
Date Monday, 27 July 21:00
Calculated Monday, 27 July 22:35
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Result Media
Baghdad 0 : 2
Ramadi 0 : 2
Team France wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 27 July 22:04
Bug Aequitas*
123 kB, Monday, 27 July 22:04, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:10
1001 kB, Monday, 27 July 22:10, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:27
AEQ Pentotal 1*
4.9 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:27, by 3474109 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:30
AEQ Pentotal 2*
11.8 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:30, by 3474109 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:11
Aequitas ZeD (win7)*
232 kB, Monday, 27 July 22:11, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:17
Round 1*
22.3 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:17, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:11
Round 1*
1.9 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:11, by 3844498 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:14
Round 2*
7.9 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:14, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Tuesday, 28 July 17:03
6.3 MB, Tuesday, 28 July 17:03, by 2701319 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:11
4.6 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:11, by 3487777 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:03
aequitas Mrode*
673 kB, Monday, 27 July 22:03, by 1783191 ([R A F])
Monday, 27 July 22:07
aequitas esy*
1.6 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:07, by 4099097 (teamFrance)
Thursday, 30 July 22:18
aequitas esy*
1.6 MB, Thursday, 30 July 22:18, by 4099097 (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:04
aequitas rgk*
4.8 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:04, by Silipan (teamFrance)
Monday, 27 July 22:13
32.5 MB, Monday, 27 July 22:13, by 3471073 (teamFrance)
* No longer available

Resistance Armee Francophone

Team France

comments (22)
Salut les gars,
Match en 6v6, je pense que vous serrez d'accord avec nous... nous ne sommes pas sur cs..

Bonne chance.

We do not still know. With the holidays, we can confirm nothing.

Lt Palermo

with 13 players, you surely will be 6 =D.

/me <3 RAF

Regards. ZoB
It'll be a good war.
How we'll do for play on your server ?
You know the probleme ^^.

Our Serveur IP:

Hi teamfrance,

I don't we'll be able to be 6 (holidays...).
For the server, I'll contact you asap.

Regards, Pentotal
Hi Pentotal

Thx for this informations.
For 5v5 don't worry is not a problem, holidays too for us.
And for the server, we could play 1map/server, as you want.


It would be more simple to play both maps on the same server.
So yours or ours... Still to be fixed.
It very simple, as we're banned on yours, the war will be on our.
Cya in game monday.

Hi, Could we play at 21h00?
Yes no probs, it's better for us too.
I guess you server is configured according to the ESL rules, so no prob.
See you at 21:00 on your server.
Exactly, we use the Esl cfg on our server, no probs ;).

Pass: tfesl

edit: I don't see Palermo in your Line-Up...he's on vacation?
Lot of my mates(me first) will be disappointed, what a pity!

I don't want to play this match anymore... =D

Btw, it should be a great game this afternoon !
Good Game
Don't forget your aequitas files, if someone can't provide one we would have his demos (as a demo request).

Thank you.
Plz Upload your aequitas or demo files.

Thx in adance.

I have already tried twice...

I will try again.
Be sure it's a zip archive, if you had problems with aequitas and compressed it yourself. Rar files are not allowed.
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