Team France vs. V3 Insurgency
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 5.  2.

 Team France
 V3 Insurgency
Status: closed
MatchID 14068693
Date Monday, 13 July 20:30
Calculated Tuesday, 14 July 01:32
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Result Media
Almaden 1 : 1
Haditha_night 2 : 0
Team France wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 13 July 21:50
Bug Aequitas*
142 kB, Monday, 13 July 21:50, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Wednesday, 15 July 19:32
Bug aequitas KfC (dead laptop)*
112 kB, Wednesday, 15 July 19:32, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Monday, 13 July 21:50
1.4 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:50, by 1541536 (V3.rules)
Monday, 13 July 21:47
Aequitas DauMen*
15.8 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:47, by 3300810 (V3.rules)
Monday, 13 July 21:55
Aequitas MaK*
19.6 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:55, by 2668716 (teamFrance)
Monday, 13 July 21:46
Aequitas ZeD*
4.1 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:46, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Monday, 13 July 21:48
Aequitas m0gul*
4.8 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:48, by 1541536 (V3.rules)
Tuesday, 14 July 13:46
9.9 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 13:46, by 3300810 (V3.rules)
Tuesday, 14 July 13:51
22.7 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 13:51, by 3300810 (V3.rules)
Wednesday, 15 July 20:15
Demo Almaden KfC*
21.6 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 20:15, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Wednesday, 15 July 19:18
Demo Almaden ZeD*
22.4 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 19:18, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Wednesday, 15 July 19:58
Demo Haditha_night KfC*
9.4 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 19:58, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Wednesday, 15 July 18:59
Demo Haditha_night ZeD*
12.4 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 18:59, by ZeD (teamFrance)
Tuesday, 14 July 01:15
35.4 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 01:15, by majorfreim (V3.rules)
Wednesday, 15 July 18:43
Demos MaK*
31.0 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 18:43, by 2668716 (teamFrance)
Monday, 13 July 21:57
Round 1*
10.0 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:57, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Monday, 13 July 22:00
Round 2*
20.7 MB, Monday, 13 July 22:00, by El_Gitan75 (teamFrance)
Tuesday, 14 July 00:56
aNi demo*
20.0 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 00:56, by 2419228 (V3.rules)
Tuesday, 14 July 01:01
aNi demo2*
8.6 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 01:01, by 2419228 (V3.rules)
Monday, 13 July 21:48
3.7 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:48, by 3019572 (V3.rules)
Monday, 13 July 21:43
aequitas rgk*
4.1 MB, Monday, 13 July 21:43, by Silipan (teamFrance)
Tuesday, 14 July 00:26
23.9 MB, Tuesday, 14 July 00:26, by 2419228 (V3.rules)
Monday, 13 July 21:43
30 kB, Monday, 13 July 21:43, by majorfreim (V3.rules)
Wednesday, 15 July 20:19
demo rgk*
34.4 MB, Wednesday, 15 July 20:19, by Silipan (teamFrance)
* No longer available

Team France

V3 Insurgency

comments (32)
Hi gus WazUp!?
We play only 6v6, no cs gameplay(5v5).

See ya !
but if we have only 5, you have to play 5on5 otherwise you will get pps :P
so pls dont disappear if we have only 5 like last time ;)
We ain't gonna fade away :P
why the hell is 5on5 cs gameplay? ;)
If the game would be balanced in firefightmode, more than 5on5 would be suitable, but to play haditha closecombat with m16 vs AK is just uncool...
well what to do i think we keep this date for seasson match if you got any suggestions just write!
we suggest this saturday 12.07.09 20:30h!
Will be a nice match, the two divII favourites play about who makes 1st place ;) gl&hf both!
picknick, we'll be not 5 saturday, sry dude :(

Yes, We think too it'll be a very interesting fight :).
ye team France np we keep the regular date for the match.
Thx aNi, see ya Monday
PW: hitreg
I guess your strongest line up will play.oO
please remember that haditha will be played because of the increased view distance on night maps.
oki - night

see you soon.
GG too, Almaden was very hot !
hmm cs game play bullshit you wanted to play 6on6!!!
next time turn off cfg!!!

really crazy Match^^gg
Gaygay !
Hot on Almaden :X
hm 1st.we like to see demos pls to check how gg pls !
Buy a srcTV =D
The next war(we hope in the ladder), we play on our serveur with SourceTV.
Because you have a bad looser behaviour and the V3 can't accepted the' pitiful for you.

Make honor to your Esl medals dudes, thx.
1 edits
hm bla bla that wars not only a ladder match and i dont will accept a lose against ure team because all what i see looks like if some player would start aquitas the will get busted !
Hé freim you're very funny dude!
Look please:
30 kB, 13/07/09 21:43, by majorfreim (V3 ︻┳═一)
30kB ???
Where are your screens?

You can't to be credible

GG for pp bad looser ;).

So clearly say that we cheat, don't hide yourself behind the fear of being wrong if you're sure of what you think.

Don't accept it, let ESL ADMIN statu about this.
yes i will let them check! but i think u will give us not much to check ;)or?
1 edits
if you put atleast "Please" in your demande, we surely will.
lol lol lol what for a statement (from a good winner,to the bad loooosers)!What is your problem Aequitas is compulsorily for all loud esl.
We will a fair match if you want check ae. from v3.member is no problem everything here on esl.What can we do?Maybe can we not good lose ok it is your opinion.This is but not the problem!Her it seems to be overwhelmed with aequitas?:)This is not the first match where something happened....!Aequitas is flexible see you on esl side.their have much time the Problem to resolve!
Who have 10pp's ?

As we want to fight again against you, next buy a srcTV or come play at home, we give the srctv after evry matchs.
All demos Uploaded. Nice learn !
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