ti suisse vs. Blogs
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 4.  9.

 ti suisse
Status: closed
MatchID 16474116
Date Monday, 14/12/09 15:05
Calculated 14/12/09 17:33
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Result Media
ins_baghdad 0 : 0
ins_abdallah 1 : 1
Points -6 : +6


ti suisse

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comments (7)
we play in my serv or your serv guys ?
now its time to play on ours ;)
pw: wardog34
GG, tough match.
draw again!!^^

gg guys great match...see tou soon for try again.. bye!!
sry, the esl site was down (hui what the news?! ;) ) and yesterday i wasn't home, so ive just uploaded the files.

hei avr, please upload your aequitas files of all your players.
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