Rubber Bullets vs. Blogs
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 5.  9.

 Rubber Bullets
Status: closed
MatchID 16378103
Date Thursday, 17/12/09 15:00
Calculated 17/12/09 16:05
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Result Media
ins_almaden 2 : 0
ins_hillah 1 : 1
Rubber Bullets wins !
Points +8 : -8


Rubber Bullets

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comments (11)
Thanx for the new date!! =)
no problem.

Our server? It's located in Amsterdam.
And how about 6on6, if both teams have enough players on thursday?

sorry but i think we have not enough players for a 6on6 online for the matchdate..
Your server sounds good! :)
could we play this match at 20:00 ?! means 1 hour earlier?
This may be hard, because some of us work till late hours.
It would be better to start at 21:00.
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thanx, nice war ;)
Good Game

as we agreed, those who couldn't launch aeq, because ESL was offline, have to upload demos.
I try... but jet it didnt work.. but i'll keep on trying... wont give up!!^^

Gratz Ladz :)
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