The Devils Brigade EUSF vs. Dogsclan
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 11.  10.

 The Devils Brigade EUSF
Status: closed
MatchID 16189363
Date Wednesday, 25/11/09 13:00
Calculated 25/11/09 14:50
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ins_samawah_day 2 : 0
ins_sinjar 1 : 1
The Devils Brigade EUSF wins !
Points +15 : -15


The Devils Brigade EUSF

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comments (8)
Please answer quickly!
i will ask my mates, but normally wednesday at the same time would be better.
well as i allready wrote on our page i dunno when i have to work this day, all a bit difficult because i'm ill atm
Thanks for accepting the match. See you then! :)

Just so you know Xorr only asked for a quick reply from you guys because we were about to be kicked from the ESL ladder for inactivity. So please don't take it that we were being ruide.

really np dude ;) cu today
Server Info:
Name: -|TDB|- EU Rotating / ESL
PW: eslleague
could you plz accept the result asap?! we wanna leave the ladder and join with a new team.
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