1on1 - Deathmatch #1
Next Week we're going to start our first 1on1 Deathmach best of three cup. Take the victory and win some ESL Premium. Its time to show us your skill!

Half-Life 2 - 1on1 - Deathmatch #1

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch #1
Ladderdetails Start: 08.03.2010
3 Days Time for your Match.
Match Mode: Best of Three
Every Map counts as 1 for the winner
Only a 2:0, 0:2 or 2:1, 1:2 is possible.

 Signup: here

Half-Life 2 - 1on1 - Deathmatch #1 - Overview

1on1 - Deatchmatch #1 Start
1.Round 20:00 CETMonday, 08.03.10
2.Round 20:00 CETThursday, 11.03.10
3.Round 20:00 CETSunday, 14.03.10
4.Round20:00 CET Wednesday, 17.03.10
5.Round20:00 CET Saturday, 20.03.10
  6.Round20:00 CET Tuesday, 23.03.10
  Semi Final20:00 CETFriday, 26.03.10
Final20:00 CET Monday, 29.03.10
1on1 Deathmatch #1 End

Half-Life 2 - 1on1 - Deathmatch #1 - Prizes

1. 2 Months remium Account
2. 1 Month remium Account
3. 1 Month remium Account

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Offical Half-Life 2 - ESL IRC Channel:
- #esl.hl2 (Quakenet)
- Meet your opponent.
- Match- & Opponentsearch.
- Questions around Half-Life 2 & ESL.
- Help around Half-Life 2 & ESL.


- Using cheats/hacks/scripts is forbidden.
- Playing with STEAM_ID, different from your profile is not allowed.

Server Settings

You must use the esl1on1.cfg, you can download it here.

Aequitas & Demo:
- Each player will have to run Aequitas during his match and upload the archive at the end of the match.
- You also need to record a demo of each match.

The Admin Staff wishes you a lot of fun!

NachtkindFX, Monday, 01/03/10 09:47
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This time i think after deadline games won't be...
Hope everyone plays his wars this time!
5 slots are available now, don't mess a chance to win premium.
i hope my firt game is a free win xD

"edit" i need to play cmon xD ^^
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KieZ wrote:
i hope my firt game is a free win xD "edit" i need to play cmon xD ^^

Cant find u on steam man... Check your mail ;x
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