Team Ladder Opening
2on2? 3on3? 4on4? you can decide in our Team Ladder! Our new half life 2 team ladder is open to play. Just join with your team and play!

Half-Life 2 - Team - Ladder Opening

Half-Life 2 Team Ladder
Ladderdetails Start: now!
Rules: read me
 Signup: here

Offical Half-Life 2 - ESL IRC Channel:
- #esl.hl2 (Quakenet)
- Meet your opponent.
- Match- & Opponentsearch.
- Questions around Half-Life 2 & ESL.
- Help around Half-Life 2 & ESL.

- Using cheats/hacks/scripts is forbidden.
- Playing with STEAM_ID, different from your profile is not allowed.

Aequitas & Demo:
Each player will have to run Aequitas during his match and upload the archive at the end of the match.
You also need to record a demo of each match.

The Admin Staff wishes you a lot of fun!

NachtkindFX, Wednesday, 03/02/10 09:02
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Leeeeeeeeeet's doooooooo it ! © Demoman
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