EagleSpirit vs. TheSurface
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Status: closed
MatchID 29496023
Date Friday, 10 January 23:30
Calculated Saturday, 11 January 00:13
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1 : 2
TheSurface wins !
11/01/14 00:13
Round 1 - - TheSurface*
2.9 MB, 11/01/14 00:13, by TheSurface
* No longer available
comments (4)
Please upload the screenshots of all matches!
Dobby please read protest so we can finish the match.
i uploaded all of them. pls look at.
ur rule says:
2.4. Match Breakup
Every player is responsible of his internet connection and hardware-software environment. Leaving a server on purpose is not allowed and leads to a round loss.
Please write at the ticket. This is not a problem causing of an issue with anybodys internet connection! Please upload the screenshots at the ticket.
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