BvB H4xBall vs. CLAN LIFE
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 BvB H4xBall
Status: closed
MatchID 20972275
Date Tuesday, 28 December 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 28 December 20:55
Round Round of 16
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CLAN LIFE wins ! (Default Win)
Tuesday, 28 December 20:51
uploaded with ESL Wire Screenshot -2010-12-28 21-50-01-.jpg*
165 kB, Tuesday, 28 December 20:51, by NeumaN (CL)
* No longer available
BvB H4xBall
28/12/10 14:51
My mate seems to be too stupid to join ... sry guys
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special's Room pw esl
hi.. need a bot more time.. last enemys were like superreta*** ... they refused to kick off n stuff.. so just wait ;)
ffs... my browser shuts down inmstantly when i click any fucking room.. :S...

now i tried to "fix" it and i cant even enter my nick anymore..good fucking game... sry guys =(
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