4on4 Autumn Cup 2008: Winners and prizes!
Yesterday evening the final of our Guild Wars Autumn Cup 2008 took place. We are glad to congratulate the 3 best teams for their excellent performance and to present them their deserved prizes. The winner of the cup is "Whats Going On [sup]", congratulation on this great 1st place!


2nd Place
Baumbarts Rechte Ast

1st Place
Whats Going On

3rd Place
Thus Spoke Zarathustra


1st Place

4x Saitek Cyborg Keyboard
Get the best gaming equipment there is. The new Saitek Cyborg keyboard features adjustable backlighting, touch-sensitive control panel and programmable gaming keys, taking gaming performance to new levels, improving control, heightening your senses and helping you realise your true potential.

More Information: Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

2nd Place

4x Saitek Cyborg Mouse
The new Saitek Cyborg Mouse is a fully-featured, adjustable, laser gaming mouse with 3200dpi for ultra high speed and accuracy.

More Information: Saitek Cyborg Mouse

3rd Place

4x Official ESL Bag
4x ESL Cap Enhanced - Navy

Official partners

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