Steel Phoenix vs. The Laxandor
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 Steel Phoenix
 The Laxandor
Status: closed
MatchID 10702746
Date Wednesday, 27/08/08 14:00
Calculated 28/08/08 14:29
thirdmap Corrupted Isle
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eachs Homemap 1 : 0
eachs Homemap 1 : 0
Steel Phoenix wins !
comments (5)
Sup, when you wanna play? Saturday before mat maybe?
Please rearrange this match as soon as possible. The next round already starts today, so the schedule is very tight.
Ok, we will try to play this match asap.
Bit stupid tbh, if the games werent already on awkward days and times we have to organise a game for 8 tonight with zero notice.

Not everyone has people that play 24/7.
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LaX forfeited.
Def win StP.
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