GTA:SA 5on5 Summer Cup
The Summer Cup is going to be 5on5 so search no more if you are looking for some quality matches! Just spend your free-time with your favourite game during the Summer and enjoy the show. The rules and requirements will be explained in this post. Good luck to all the players!

Due to inactivity, the cup is cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5on5 Summer Cup 2013

   Date: default date is Sunday 21CET
   Mode: 5on5 Single Elimination
   Links: Global Rules, Wire Portal, Whitetiger's AC
   Questions? Forum and Support ticket
   Restrictions: Default game , Wire Anti-Cheat + Whitetiger's AC
   Signup: 16.07.13 12:00 - 27/07/13 20:30


Match Rules
CP time 25
Minimum fps 35
Max ping 350
Max packetloss 2.0
10minutes base time.
No carkilling, helikilling, carbombing, driveby or any of kind!
8 bases(same base for attack/defending) - random arena.
Maximum 2 subs for each clan.
Maximum pause time is 2 minutes.
No gunmenus given after 30seconds of the round.
1 Week to play your matches in each round

During your mattch you must have have:
ESL Wire
Whitetiger's AC
Make sure you have Whitetiger's AC running as an admin!

Mods disallowed:
Skin mods
CLEO mods
Objects mods
Any mod makes you laggy.
If any cheats found, it will be shown to public, no exceptions!

You always need to have a recording program ready to record your gameplay when asked to.
If you can't record when Admins asks you to, you have to remove yourself.

No flaming/insulting/racism or any of that!
You are signed up to play and enjoy your time, not argue!
All praticpants behaviours needs to be nice and calm
If you win/loss, take it with pride!
English always in the chat, use different chat types for other languages

Faking members/clans
Any fake members/clans found in the cup will be disqualifed and it will be shown to public.
You need to use same name as your ESL Account.

By signing up to the cup, you agree to all the rules!

How to use Check-In

More details about Check-In System


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

The winner will receive this special Award:

** At least 8 teams must sign up for premium prize, and at least 16 teams are needed to recieve the summer cup reward.

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket.

// Your Admin Team
5810427, Tuesday, 16/07/13 19:55
comments (10)
Clans or funteams?
you can register any group of members you want, clan or funteam. aslong as there are 5 members. if the match is 2 clans vs. each other, they should count as clanwar.
What's the limit of members in team?
Make clan cup only.
First issue: 10 minutes base time? Make A/D more competitive; even 8 minutes is pretty much from my point of view. Compare it to cs 1.6 where players rush directly to the bomb site. Base time should be somewhere between 6 and 8 minutes (this way the game will be less boring, no more "wait for them to rush" or "let's find those hidden defenders") -- second issue: why would you request players to record their gameplay? There are two anticheats. I know clean players who cannot record their gameplay whether because they'd be lagging or they're playing from a crappy laptop. I'm just suggesting some changes, all the drama seekers please stay away.
Maximum 2 subs for each clan.
Will WSC be back? :'D
What does WSC stand for?
+2 teams
It is deadline today and not a single match was played :D. I expected about 1-2 would be played.
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