Go4Firefall will be back in October!
Go4Firefall will be taking a little break in September and will be back in October to accommodate the players and teams to catch up with the latest patches and PVP changes and also allow us here to implement some of the many feedback we received to allow a better experience for teams and players that will help grow Firefall PVP.
For more information head on to the Firefall website here.

Go4Firefall has a break but stay in shape by playing in VERSUS

Just click on the "PLAY VS." on the top of the page and pick Firefall from the list of games. Read the short ruleset by clicking on the button. Last step is clicking on "Search for match" and here you go!

What is VERSUS?

Funcup #3

2on2 - Funcup #3
Sign Up: Now - 12.09.2013 19:00 CEST
Date: 12.09.2013 19:00 CEST
Modus: 2vs2 Single Elimination
Support: Support-Ticket
  • 2vs2 Single Elemination
  • No Battleframe limit
  • Map: Omnidyne-M Prototyp Arena
  • Teamsize: 2
  • More info at League info
Check In:
18:40 CEST
Cup Start:
19:00 CEST

Monthly Final August

Tournament date for the ESL Go4firefall is the 20.09.13 and starts at 19:00 cest. All qualified teams got a ESL PM and a email with all information. The NESL Go4Firefall Monthly finals starts at 22:00 cest 14.09.13. The Go4Firefall #4 is a stand alone Cup. For this month we don´t offer a monthly.

Prize money and points distribution

Place Go4Firefall Sunday Cup Go4Firefall Monthly Final
1st Place 100 points + €500 €3,000
2nd Place 60 points + €300 €1,500
3rd Place 40 points + €200 €500
4th Place 25 points -
5th-8th Place 10 points -

Place Go4Firefall Monthly Final
4th Place 5x 200 Red Beans
5th Place 5x 150 Red Beans
6th Place 5x 100 Red Beans

Go4Firefall live on ESL TV

If you don't find a team or just want to watch the action, ESL TV is your station all Sunday long. Lauren 'Pansy' Scott brings you the action from the Go4Firefall cups live to your monitor. Live from the ESL TV Studios she will bring you not only the best matches from the weekly cups but also from the €5,000 Monthly Finals!

Find all the VODS of the past cups here - Watch the VODs

The newly released Action MMOFPS Firefall is making it's entrance into the eSports scene! With up to €10.000 prize money each month in the ESL, it's going to be a force to be reckon with. Tune in to watch the best Firefall teams compete for €1.000 every week and learn more about the growing competitive scene.

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