RedMaster vs. MicKoch
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Status: closed
MatchID 29237716
Date Sunday, 17/11/13 16:00
Calculated 17/11/13 18:01
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0 : 1
MicKoch wins !
17/11/13 17:59
Round 1*
299 kB, 17/11/13 17:59, by MicKoch
* No longer available
comments (5)
In the 90th min with a big lucker goal...
Yes 10 times u had luck when i shot on the goal and 1 time me...
Just a small advice to you : YOU have to shot on the goal to score a goal :D
GG easy win
I'm so said that I didn't made a screenshot about the match facts. You had one header in the entire game and speaking about chances? You know, how you scored and you admit by yourself after the game that it was pure luck! I had more chances and that is a fact. I was inactive 3 weeks! So you wannabe pro player it is time to end the discussion!
u are said?
You know what I mean, ustaso..
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