Country Championship 2013 : Groups
Here we go with the groups for the Country Championship 2013 in FIFA13. Let's play a last team competition before FIFA14. It's now time to discover the groups and the first playday will be Sunday 14/07/2013 at 21.00.

Official Format

Championship Format: Groupstage + Playoffs
Games: only 1 war
War Format: 5on5 with 1on1 games (Old format)
Points: 20 points (2 points - win ; 1 point - draw ; 0 points - lose)
Possible final scores: Win, Draw and Lose

Groupstage: The 1st and 2nd placed will get the Play-offs.

Playoffs: The best 8 National Teams will play in Double-Elimination until the Grand Final. In case of draw, the National Team who scores more goals, will be the winner. If you check the same number of goals, each National Teams have to choose 1 player to play a decisive game (only 1 game - you must play whole game. If your players draw this match, you must play in Golden Goal). In the Grand Final, the National Team who got it by Looser-Bracket, need to win twice the National Team who got it by Winner-Bracket.

Teams Sign-up

This is a recap of all teams sign-up with their captain mentionned.


We have fourteen nations which are going to be placed into four groups (2 of 4 teams, 2 of 3 teams). The top 4 teams from last season ( Poland, Romania, Germany, France ) are to be placed into separate groups. Every other teams are placed like below:

Group A:
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Russia
  • Belgium
  • Group B:
  • France
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands

  • Group C:
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Group D:
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Turkiye.FIFA

  • Prizes

    The three winning teams will receive a special ESL award, some Premium prizes for their success:

    ESL Premium & Awards
    1st 5x3 Months ESL Premium
    2nd 5x2 Months ESL Premium
    3rd 5x1 Months ESL Premium

    Support & Help

    For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

    Best regards,
    Staff Europe
    Kalimerre, Sunday, 07/07/13 13:32
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    GG admins of Spain not answering the supports to do a better team! And the captain is not even a player! Good job really!
    gl to all.
    #1 Then if you read your news you will see that each team non taken by national section got the opportunity to send a support to EU to apply to be captain and make a team.
    #1 I was not even the captain. The last captain was AWAY and I decided to give an oportuniy for Spain. If you care so much about the team, you should have contacted admins, but you did not. I did as much as I could given the deadline so please stop blaming. Thanks!
    We are Happy about this nice groups, and wishbyo Al. Much fun
    #3 Like the a hundred supports what I send to Makea? But now Makea is not admin cause he was not even interested in this game (;. Not your fault, but ESL Spain is and was always like shiet.
    ESL Spain who doesn't want to take the team is a point. But after I give opportunity to all players to send an apply to represent their country.
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