Poland vs. Czech Republic
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 Czech Republic
Status: closed
MatchID 28071853
Date Sunday, 14 April 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 18 April 11:26
Round Lower Round of 4 #1
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18 : 2
Poland wins !
17/04/13 16:00
NWC Play-off 21:00 CET Poland vs Czech Republic [18:02] | bejott vs DiDa [2:1;2:1] | mOus3r vs Majklicek [6:0;2:0] | bucu27 vs Sampin0 [4:0;1:6] | Owca vs Kubel [4:1;6:0] | Lukster vs valvinho [6:2;3:1] |
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we play sunday 20h cet against czech republic so thelose will be OP to play with you at 21h cet
We still waiting for answer our official protest about match with Germany. Than we cant play tooday.
#2 The decision has been taken since last week. Please play your match.
Antony Seedhouse have other opinion
I already check with him. Maybe we will change the rules in the future but we need to continue the competition so please play your match.
You dont know FIFA game than first he must change head admin FIFA...
Poland use wildcard.
channel: #poland-czech
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