France vs. Germany
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Status: closed
MatchID 28071851
Date Sunday, 14 April 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 14 April 21:50
Round Semifinals
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3 : 17
Germany wins !
Sunday, 14 April 21:52
Round 1*
321 kB, Sunday, 14 April 21:52, by SK.bono (GER)
* No longer available



comments (7)
we play the 14th 20 cet against czech republic so the winner will be here for 21h hf gl
We still waiting for answer our official protest about match with Germany. Than you cant play this tonigh.
#2 The decision has been taken since last week. Please play your match.
fuck*ng disgrace :) who are you, guy above? official statement is not ended and confirmed by higher organs, so we are waiting. You are just some one of many admins. What's more you are a biased one, so you should find something else to do, because you are lame at being at admin. You're good at helping cheaters. Maybe some politics?
u have to blocked me at chat, if im right ? If u want to be admin, u should start use ur brain... It could be very helpful for you :)
Poor team german
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