Germany vs. Poland
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Date Sunday, 07 April 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 April 23:09
Round Quarterfinals
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12 : 8
Germany wins !



07/04/13 15:57
NWC playoffs 1/4 WB 21:00 CET Poland vs Germany [11:9] | bejott vs robinho [1:1;2:0] | Domi vs Poldi [4:1;2:2] | mOus3r vs Chilla [1:3;2:2] | bucu27 vs Eraser [2:1;1:0] | Versus vs Salzor [2:3;3:5] |'
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hahaahahahhahahahahahahhaah deutschland bhahahhahahahaahhahhaha
Łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło
hahahahahahhahah xd how much u paid?
They were crying, beacuse... I dont know why. Bejott uses the samo account since year, but he has changed id - its not forbidden. Robinho deleted the first part of video, because admin could sees amoment when robinho invited bejott to game, and sees correct id DELTAbejott also.
Keep training cheaters if u want to beat us :)
Stop discussing in the comments of the match.
Decision has been taken.
u should do guide ,,how to win without play"... Last monht salzor won by defwin with me in semifinal at 4pl, beacuse we had to complete match, which was started in sun, so i left a game while was raining. But this time u surprised me to much. Probably most of admins should be not able to do what they do, because they might be working for germany :)
sry for my english
Am I working for Germany ? I guess no I work for me and my admin team. I got nothing to give to Germany. If it was the contrary I will give you the win like I did so stop complaint.
Stop discussing ? This is begin ! We know ESL = Germany but this is too much :) Next time we must won 20;0 to win the game :)) I don`t know why we play tournaments - lets get free win too Germany
L M F A O, WHAT A JOKE :))) Germany K1NGZZZ Of protests :D
I'm not working for Germany (otherwise I will be admin in Germany Section). As I said if I need to disqualify Germany for one or other reason I will do it as my objective is to be neutral.
but, u dont see what we wrote? he uses the same account - u can check it. Is it normal, that robinho deleted the first part of video? No, it isnt. Its the only one reason, why he did it - if he would not, u will be able to see DELTAbejott. So please, tell him to show all video
Geramny get def wins because bejott have GFbejott not Deltabejott :(((((( Very sad... But origin name had deltabejott I think admin dont know this because dont play FIFA :(
I don't understand why Germany did this ugly shit, it's just a non-prize tournament. On the other hand, rules are rules and must be literally respected as I can see... OK.
Hope I won't have those problems in the Country Championship which should be launched after the NWC. This is just a warm-up competition and as Jepcar said I understand that it's not fair but it's the rules.
Ehh... Its a shame, that u still didnt get it. He plays on DELTAbejott origin, and u could see it in the beginning of video, but robinho has deleted it. Its a total miunderstandig
We don`t cheat or smth. That is stupid. Rules are rules but where is Fair Play ? What has effected it degree in negatively? He have problem with eyes or ? Maybe lags ?
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and that way u just closed ur chance to beeing participate of any polish tournaments, i think.
and everything for premium account
Hmmm, what people will say about it... Probably u will have no good opinions.
I take all responsabilities and it would be a pleasure to recheck the protest but how I can see how you spam me on IRC / PM / Facebook there is no way to check it again as it was a good decision.

I just remind you that you're a team and only your captain should talk so I will delete further comments there. I suggest to your captain to talk to me on IRC, he never comes so the problem is closed and decision won't change.
I`m Team-Captain
+1 for Kartek. Sometimes rules has a lot more negative effection then positive. Situations like this must be considered in a different way. Why ? Because we have to respect the other country's players, even more when its 5on5 Clanwar . Are we human or freakin robots? They played down Germany got beated, and there will be always a small gate to go in and write for a protest.

You can easily say rules are rules, but you just broke a stronger unwritten rule called Fair-Play, respect, human mentality . Is this Team Germany's mentality, that after loosing, you just write protest for a thing like that? So be it, and be proud of it, but I think its not fit to the spirit of ESL, and should not be supported.

And I am telling this as the leader of one of the most successful European section.
Gabu, what about last night between Romania and Hungary? Where was your respect and your fair play? I asked kindly your 33 years old captain to accept one of our barred players to play, but all I got was lame excuses. And after the match I wrote just "thanks for the fair play" at rating comments and your 33 years old super captain wrote this:" -- pfff... fair play??? omg noobs".

No further comments...
First of all , I am not the Team Captain, so I am not responsible for his decision what he made, but I totally support it.

Why ? We will never forget this, that was the main reason why Team Hungary could not go the offline finals at 2009. We just beated Romania with 15-5 then after protest because of LAGGDETECTS 7-13 for you. And this is just one case..:)

Do I need to mention anything more?

No further comments!
Ok, cya in September on National Arena @ Bucharest ;) Btw, If I was team manager/captain in 2009 I would have never made that protest, but anyway I understand now. Redw1nG should apologize for calling us "noobs" though. GL!
German style ^_^
I still remember ENC 2010 and final match between Bulgaria and Germany, in Cologne.
and I still remember a lot of protests from Germany in ENC tournaments, LD files, etc.
but now... we are playing an online-tournament "for fun and respect", not more.
gg wp, Polska
polska be best in this match and this version FIFA, ++ for polish, -- for Germany and hello for Kalimerre
Hello to you.
This is not the place to debate about all those problems.

Edit : Next comment will result of a commentban.
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