KnightS* T.A.S.T vs. TURN
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 KnightS* T.A.S.T
Status: closed
MatchID 26150895
Date Thursday, 07 June 20:30
Calculated Tuesday, 26 June 21:44
Round Grand Final
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Result Media
3 : 9
TURN wins !
Tuesday, 26 June 21:45
Round 1*
199 kB, Tuesday, 26 June 21:45, by RED (TURN)
Tuesday, 26 June 21:50
Round 1*
213 kB, Tuesday, 26 June 21:50, by AT-SiKe (T.A.S.T)
* No longer available

KnightS* T.A.S.T


KnightS* T.A.S.T
26/06/12 15:49

T.A.S.T [3:9] IoV

Adkew vs a6a6ik [3:0] [2:3]
SiKe vs Fabri4 [1:3] [0:2]
Toyboy51 vs Dragon_815 [1:5] [0:0]

comments (8)
Hey finnaly :D

When can you play?
Tuesday 21-00 сet?
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I am gonna ask my players if they are available tommorow. If not, i will post some dates and times here when we are available.
Tommorow should be ok. 21:00?
we agree we have only one player late for 15-20 minutes will be no problems because of this?
No problem, one of our players will also be 10-15 minutes late ^^ When we are all there, we start the game. No problem.
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Ok cu there between 21:00 and 21:30. GL HF

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