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Playing for GameFist

Played FIFA for the following teams
****Team BELGIUM.

FIFA13 Offline
1st place FIFA13 2-Game event (PS3)

FIFA12 Online
2nd place FIFA12 Belgian EMS Qualifier (PC)
1st place France CSL Two Weeks cup #1 (PS3)

FIFA12 Offline
2nd place FIFA12 gamer01 event in Hilversum ( (PS3)
1st place FIFA12 event 2-Game event in Oostende (PS3)
1st place FIFA12 event ‘t JOC in Roeselare (PS3)

FIFA11 Online
1st place FIFA11 summercup winner (PS3)

FIFA11 Offline
1st place FIFA11 promo event with Steven Defour in shoppingcenter K in Kortrijk (XBOX360)
1st place FIFA 11 Champions league event in Hooglede (PS3)
3-4 place event in Enschede (PS3)