SiL vs. 2588985
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 0.  195.

Status: closed
MatchID 24815841
Date Wednesday, 14 December 13:45
Calculated Thursday, 15 December 01:11
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
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3 : 4
2588985 wins !
Points -19 : +19
Wednesday, 14 December 17:09
Round 1*
217 kB, Wednesday, 14 December 17:09, by 2588985
* No longer available
15/12/11 05:13
Delete and PP for Bloody please!
What the Fuck?!

Have a look at Bloody's Screenshot and you will see that he made it at minute 75 (!!). In the 90's Minute I shot the 4-4 and the Game should have been ended just a second after this so that nothing could have happened any more.
But instead of waiting for the end of the game Bloody just quitted the match and didn't wrote any statement to me.
Now I had to see he entered the wrong result and uploaded a WRONG screenshot which doesn't show the end result.

So please delete this match and give PP's to this incredibly unfair player!

Thanks ESL

PS: Some words for Bloody: Stop playing games, if you cannot lose and will become unfair. TY...
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