diamondZ e.V. vs. Hall of fame FIFA (Trigun)
Contestants Parameters
 43.  58.

 diamondZ e.V.
 Hall of fame FIFA (Trigun)
Status: closed
MatchID 12109650
Date Sunday, 15/02/09 14:00
Calculated 15/02/09 16:46
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12 : 8
diamondZ e.V. wins !
Points +3 : 0

Hall of fame FIFA (Trigun)

diamondZ e.V.

diamondZ e.V.
15/02/09 16:13
Match Result
diamondZ e.V. - Excello [12:8]

Kesar - Deco [5-2 0-4]
D4Rk1 vs Fr3ItasS [3-1] [3-1]
ReDw1nG vs Shevjke [3-0 2-0]
kacsa7 vs Red [3-4 5-5]
SONYS vs Lenamm [2-2 0-1]
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gO dmZ!
nice lineup by excello hehe ^^ gl dmZ!!
Extra skill :)
Can new play or barred play?
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10.1.5. "New Player" and locked by penalty points status
A player that has the "New player" status is allowed to play if both teams agree on it.
Any player that is locked due to penalty points is not allowed to play in any given case.

So, the players who are on the barred list, CAN NOT play!
We all of us spoke about it, and in the team we agreed in it!

Good luck, have fun!
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By barred list you mean new and locked ?
We mean that noone can play from your and our team who is on the barred list.

I mean the new player and the locked player cant play.
Csaszi ur afair are amazing
:D why did you write it lenam? i think you quited from match and insulted csaszi:)
do u know now what are connection lost? and downloads on? and he wins 1 game i win others whatever bb
NoFx, the team made this decision isnt me!
"7,1::0,1 ESL - 15/02 [21CET] 7 :: 12diamondZ0 - 4Excello 0[12:8] 7:: 0 Kesar - Deco [5-2 0-4] 7:: 0D4Rk1 vs Fr3ItasS [3-1] [3-1] 7:: 0ReDw1nG vs Shevjke [3-0 2-0] 7:: 0kacsa7 vs Red [3-4 5-5] 7:: 0SONYS vs Lenamm [2-2 0-1]
gg guys, gl in future
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