5468792 vs. Silent_Huntress
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MatchID 22462988
Date Sunday 24 April 2011 19:40
Calculated Sunday 24 April 2011 20:37
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5468792 wins !
24/04/11 20:49
Unfair CheekyDuck*
55 kB, 24/04/11 20:49, by Silent_Huntress
* No longer available
24/04/11 14:19
she asked me for "20mnr" (20 min no rush), i trusted her and then she rushed me... imo that's some kind of unfair way to win... ~~

i got the replay if necessary...
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not so nice. but that is life and life is not fair. but i hope as team manager from silent_huntress that the cup admins will handle it fair!!!!
I think that was a kind of misunderstanding on your part due to inexperience in ladder and tourneys. When someone says to you in a game: no rush for xx minutes than it is almost everytime a JOKE. They do not mean that seriously. You took it as bare fact and then lost to it. As a zerg you must understand that a protoss or terran will ALWAYS EVERYTIME try to kill you early. Why? Because they´re not stupid and know what mid game zerg hatchery power is able to hurl at them. Especially in a tourney they will want to kill you fast and not daddle too much in macro games.

It is interesting that cheeky duck lost to kitty (a zerg) when Duck tried to play more standard. She was flooded with speedlings.In another situation cheeky tried to cheese another protoss girl and the protoss just countered her hidden gateways with her own photon cannons and then killed cheeky.

Next time just assume that you are going to be attacked early if you are not seeing protoss expanding. Watch out for a 4 gate as good as you can. And yes iam playing zerg too and iam also an austrian (vienna). It is a little bit sad that the first match between AUSTRIA and AUSTRALIA ended thus but now we know that the female australians are lethally clever, absolutely ruthless and shrewd to the ninth degree. Koala bear finis.
wow i cant believe i am the one that got such a bad rep.

this girl called me a jew and freaked out for a few hours, swearing and spaming the channel.
it was all fun and games until she got racey on me. calling me a bitch i can handel but the other things just goes to show what kind of person she is, by that i mean a horrible one.
Maybe its okay to be raceist there, but here i find it disgusting.

Also im euro/chinese and catholic, so i think she just hates jews? which makes me wonder why you would say it anyway.

also with the time difference and no sleep im gonna say i dont play too well at 6am.
my last good game was vs Laejten which was 30min, which i won playing straight up, she is a very good player and high diamond, way, way, way above the skill level of huntress, so i guess metally i dont have the training to play game after game. but im working on it ^^

oh yeah, i am guilty as I did try to cheese the protoss, mainly for the lols, but i was caught pants down with her pro scout. I also know that the protoss chick came 2nd vs pikachu, so playing straight up has a fear factor too it.

***also above all, huntress DID NOT accept the 20mnr anyway, IC*** is not okay no rush. i guess she was all silent about it... haha... okay that was lame >_<
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