Alps begins ESL Pro Series VII
The Alpen ESL Pro Series starts again and we are proud to announce the prize money for the seventh season! Three disciplines will be played: CS 1.6, FIFA 08 and CS: Source. See inside to find out how the prize money is distributed.

Prize money

There are two changes in this season: We have decided to remove the win bonus because it was so little that teams were not interested in receiving it. Also, Counter-Strike: Source has been upgraded from a supported to a full ESL Pro Series.

CS 1.6
€ 4.000
€ 1.200
€ 3.000
€ 2.500
€ 800
€ 2.000
€ 1.500
€ 400
€ 1.000
€ 1.000
€ 200
€ 500

Let's look back, what happened in the last three years. Overall the Alps have invested 101.000 Euro in players and clans in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This is something no other Alps-league was able to arrange. We are proud to pay out every single coin of prize money to the winners.
Pricemoney ESL Pro Series Alps
Season I € 10.000
Season II € 12.000
Season III € 15.000
Season IV € 13.000
Season V € 15.000
Season VI € 18.000
Season VII € 18.000
Total: € 101.000


Who is supporting the top Alps players with this money? Which firms are interested in eSports in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein? To get the answer just listen to the crowd at our events shouting "INTEL" "ASUS" "ADIDAS"!


Thanks to all partners for support! ESL Staff is looking forward to exciting games and wishs all participants good luck!
TheRogue, Wednesday, 08/10/08 08:15
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i hope you like the video from our last finals. see them shaking :))
hf gl
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