100.000 EUR for eSports!
Today SUNFLOWERS, leading producer for pc games, especially strategy games announced a prize money of 100.000€ for their upcoming real-time strategy-game ParaWorld, the prize money will be used for eSport leagues and events. With such a commitment SUNFLOWERS invests into confidence and motivation of the eSport community and their gamers.
The ParaWorld Community is up for a blast. Over 100.000 EUR in prize money will be awarded. This money will be divided for different events, the opening event will be our 5.000€ Demo Cup. Everyone can participate when he is at least 16 years old at the start of each tournament. All other events will start after the release of the retail version, which will be on 15. September.

Check myskulls.com for all the infos. In any case, time to rumble. Don't miss out on these unique events and your chance to get your hands on a share of the 100.000 EUR by participating in these ParaWorld tournaments.
Pesticide, Sunday, 27/08/06 08:35
100.000 EUR in prize money
5.000 EUR Multiplayer Demo cup
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