ESL Female Starcraft II is moving to ESL Play!


The ESL Female Starcraft II section is moving to the new ESL site!


The reason we haven't seen a Female Starcraft II cup in October is because we are moving locations. As the new ESL Play site has now launched, the female section is joining the ESL Starcraft II team and will set up shop on the new site!
There is going to be very little change in how the cups are run. They will still be monthly, they will still be all-female with the ambition of creating a fun and inviting space for female Starcraft II players and they will still be run by the same admins. Hopefully, any other changes will only be for the better!

We're looking forward to seeing you on!
Click on the ESL OPEN tab to view all upcoming cups. An all-female cup is being planned for mid to late November, but feel free to join any of the available cups, of course!


In order to keep up with the female cups in social media in the future, please follow: and
Knifecrawler, Thursday, 23/10/14 13:12
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