ESL Female StarCraft II - Sunday May 18th
Great news! From now on, female Starcraft II tournaments on ESL are to become monthly recurring events, so you will always have another all-female cup to look forward to! The next one takes place on Sunday May 18th at 5 pm CEST.

As always, these tournaments are open for players from ALL LEAGUES and ALL REGIONS (Note: the cup will be played on EU). We were very happy to have players from Bronze to Master in the last tournament and hope to continue in the same community building spirit!

Find the sign-up page, rules, bracket and other info here.

Please note!

Sign-up ends at 4.30 CEST. Check-in is between 4.30 and 4.55 CEST. Voice confirmation on Team Speak is required (an e-mail with the server details will be sent to all registered players on cup day).

Ideas or suggestions?

We do cups every month on Sundays, but we are always willing to do more if there's interest! Team cups? 2v2:s? No problem! So share this with your friends, sign up for cups and let us know what you think. You can leave us a comment in our forums. Feedback in general is very welcome as we strive every day to keep the Female scene as active as possible.

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Knifecrawler, Monday, 12/05/14 12:54
Female SC2 Cups Ladies<3SC2 #02 (1on1)
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If you all did future tournaments later in the CEST evening hours, It would be afternoon for NA. I would love to join this tournament and future ones too if only it was not so early NA. ( 5pm CEST = 8am PST)
Hi NoveaStar! Thank you for your comment. We will take this into consideration when we plan cups in the future. What time would you say works better for people on PST? Kindly, Knifecrawler.
hi... sorry I signed up, but I can not play, because is bad time :(
Ok, noted!
Maybe even future tournaments at around 8/9 CEST, at least that way, NA could have a better chance, that would be 10/11 am for PST and 1/2Pm for EST. =D
Okay, thank you! The next cup on the 15th of June is again at 5 pm CEST. We are very aware that this is not ideal for NA players. By experimenting with cups on different days than Sundays, and working with NA admins, we're hoping to better accommodate NA in the future.
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