XP Boost during Easter
As we did for Christmas we want to give you the opportunity to gain extra XP-Points over the upcoming holidays. You will get double XP-Points during the Easter holidays for your ESL Matches. From the 28/03/13 until the 01/04/13 you will get double XP for every match and for every game, doesn't matter if it is in VERSUS, Ladders, Cups or the A-Series!

How much XP do I get for a Win or a Loss?

All ESL game activities are integrated in the ESL level and you will receive XP (eXPerience). There are two main ways to get XP, playing an ESL match or playing a VERSUS match. The number in the brackets are showing the default XP.

  Win Draw Loss
A-Series / ESL Series 700 XP (350 XP) 500 XP (250 XP) 300 XP (150 XP)
VERSUS 200 XP (100 XP) 200 XP (100 XP) 200 XP (100 XP)
ESL Match* 500 XP (250 XP) 400 XP (200 XP) 200 XP (100 XP)
* An ESL match is any kind of match with an opponent in a Ladder, Premiership or Cup.

If you want to know more about the level system, then you can read this FAQ. There you find the most answers to your questions.

We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

porno_c, Tuesday, 26/03/13 06:19
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wish u would make wire better so there was less NR
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