Ladies<3LoL #12 on Sunday!
Get ready for the very first League of Legends tournament of March, a 5on5 on Summoner's Rift. It will happen on the 17th of March, at 15h CET! Don't miss it!

Ladies<3LoL #12 (EU West)

This League of Legends Cup will be held at the 17th of March (a Sunday) and will be open for all female players from the European West server. The cup will be played entirely on this date. All you need to join this cup is a team of five female players registered on the ESL and all registered into one team. Additional to that, you also have to enter your Summoner Name as Gameaccount in your ESL profile. If you are new to the ESL, then head over to our LoL Cups Guide.

League of Legends 5on5 - Ladies<3LoL #12

Cupstart: 17.03.13 - 14:00 WET / 15:00 CET / 16:00 EET
Mode: 5on5
Play Mode: Best of One (Bo1)
Cupsize: depends on signups
Matchdates: round rhythm 60 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe West
Map: Summoners Rift
Check in Needed: Check in 14:30 - 14:40 CET to take part.
Late signup: Open between 14:40 - 15:00 CET.
Game Options:
Game Type: Draft Mode
Game Style: Tournament Code
1st Ban & Pick: The higher seed has 1st ban & pick. (Ex: seed 5 is higher than seed 12)
Voice: All teams have to be on the ESL Teamspeak server during the entire cup. We will send every team an email with Teamspeak Info so that you can join on the day.

Important Information: Please read it here.
New to the ESL? Check our Cups Guide

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The upcoming 5on5 tournament on Summoners Rift will have the following RP prizes:

1st Place: 20€ as RiotPoints per player* & Triumphant Ryze
2nd Place: 15€ as RiotPoints per player*
3rd Place: 10€ as RiotPoints per player*
4th Place: 5€ as RiotPoints per player*

Note: Prizes will only be awarded if more than 8 teams will be playing in the tournament.

More Cups?

You want more cups? Then let us know! We are willing to host more cups for all of you out there! We already have some ideas in our minds like 3on3, 2on2, ARAM or even some special rules like "both teams have to play the same champions". Tell us that you want and we will do it! You can also make your own suggestions about what kind of cups we should host. Let us know in our forums. Feedback in general is very welcome.

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