Merge of the ESL Czech Republic & Slovakia !
Five years ago, the ESL CZ and SK were separated. Good or bad decision ? Maybe some advantages but few disadvantages too.
Many people wished that these two countries works together again and this as soon as possible.
From this night, a new country is now available on the ESL website : Czech Republic & Slovakia !
We are now happy to announce this important news for the CZ/SK eSport scene !

The changes !

This connection means that we are entering in a new era, an era which means a higher level of the eSport for these two countries. By the same way, it means that we have now the possibility to launch our first edition of the ESL Pro Series !

Waiting to start our first season of the ESL Pro Series, we already launched the Go4LoL with a cash prize of 1.000 euros in partnership with Riot Games. We are thinking to launch the same competition the next weeks on the game Vietcong and CS 1.6, but this time with a stuff provided by our partners !

The company that will exploit the rights of the ESL for the Czech Republic & Slovakia is Gateway Entertainment.

"For now I would like to thanks all our partners, administrators and players for their support and especially for their patience. From now, the ESL becomes a professionnal gaming league and a community portal."

Vít "N1kkatzu" Hejda
License Holder

You can read our official news here. A little contest has been added at the end of our official news for this occasion.

Enjoy !

The Gateway Entertainment Team
FuRaX, Monday, 17/10/11 10:32
ESL Czech Republic & Slovakia
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