GC New York - It is Final time!
Who takes the first places and who will be the MVPs?
The Global Challenge New York is on the last day and will see the finals in StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike. It is also time for YOU, the community, to go and vote for the MVPs of New York. Watch all the action live on ESL TV.

Vote Now - Vote Now - Vote Now

16:00 CEST - 3rd place - Gatored vs. KiLLeR
18:30 CEST - Final - FruitDealer vs. DongRaeGu

16:00 CEST - 3rd place - UMX.us vs. mTw
16:00 CEST - Final - WinFakt vs. SK Gaming

17:50 CEST - 3rd place - CLG vs. Sypher
20:20 CEST - Final - SK Gaming vs. fnatic
1380923, Sunday, 16/10/11 09:54
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