GC New York - Day 3 - No chance for America
Who made it to the finals? And who will be the MVPs?
The third day of the Global Challenge New York is over and the finals match ups have been decided. It is also time for YOU, the community, to vote for the MVPs of New York in League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and Counter-Strike.

StarCraft 2 (Groups | Play-Offs)

Three quarterfinals and two semifinals, that was the program for StarCraft 2 today. The most surprising player of the group stage, Gatored, continued to impress with a clear 3-0 win over former GSL finalist TOP. He would go on to meet a former GSL champion, FruitDealer, who proved to be too strong, and lost 0-3 in the first semifinal. In the other two quarterfinals, TT1 lost against DongRaeGu, after he had won his initial but wrongly drawn quarterfinal against Gatored yesterday. GC Guangzhou finalist elfittaja was the last European in the round of 8 but he lost in a close 3-2 series againt KiLLeR. The South American then lost in the second semifinal against DongRaeGu.

StarCraft 2 Final: FruitDealer vs. DongRaeGu

Counter-Strike (Groups | Play-Offs)

One American and three Scandinavian team was the situation in the top 4. Replacement team WinFakt kicked out UMX.us and now the final would be an all-Scandinavian situation. In the second semifinal SK Gaming won over mTw, who had flown in a stand-in player for the play-offs.

Counter-Strike Final: WinFakt vs. SK Gaming

League of Legends (Groups | Play-Offs)

Like in Counter-Strike, the American hopes for a League of Legends win were also carried by one team, CLG. They had to face SK Gaming who proved to be too strong for the Americans. The other semifinal was a European situation between fnatic and Sypher and the multinational fanatics managed to win and go to tomorrows finals.

League of Legends Final: SK Gaming vs. fnatic

CS:GO Showmatch America vs. Europe

The second CS:GO showmatch of the Global Challenge New York was serious business between the American and European mixed teams who fought for the win and an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU for every winning team member. In the end the European team consisting of lurppis, cArn, GeT_RiGhT, zonic und trace could take the win.


Sunday will see the finals and 3rd place matches:

16:00 CEST - 3rd place - Gatored vs. KiLLeR
18:30 CEST - Final - FruitDealer vs. DongRaeGu

16:00 CEST - 3rd place - UMX.us vs. mTw
16:00 CEST - Final - WinFakt vs. SK Gaming

17:50 CEST - 3rd place - CLG vs. Sypher
20:20 CEST - Final - SK Gaming vs. fnatic
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