Counter-Strike Female Autumnleague 2011*today*
The sun is gone and the leaves are falling down. Everything gets from green to brown: The Autumn is coming! We want to welcome it with a special Autumnleage. For further information keep reading on!

Counter-Strike 1.6 Female 5on5 Autumn League 2011:

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Date: Sunday, 9th of October
Start: 19:00 CET
Size: 32 participants
Structure: Single Elimination


Basic rules:

Mappool: de_train, de_dust2,
de_inferno, de_nuke, de_tuscan
Mode: 5on5 MR15 - Best of One
Rules: 5on5 MR15 Autumnleague
Player Mode: MR 15
Overtime: MR 3, startmoney 5k
Anti Cheat: using Wire Anti-Cheat is obligated!
Voice: Presence in Teamspeak3 is mandatory during all matches

You want to join the Cup?

register at ESL
add your Gameaccount (Type SteamID CS/DoD)
Search for four female players and create a team 
only female gender

More information about the cup

Autumn League 2011 - Sign Up


If we reach the number of 8 participants, we can give you some premium prizes.
  • The best team will get as reward 3 months of Premium
  • The second one gains 2 months of Premium.
  • The third one gains 1 month of Premium.

Besides if we reach the number of 16 participants the winner team will get a special award for the team account: it is the Autumn League award!

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For general questions you can ask us in IRC #esl.female (Quakenet).

//Your Admin Team
dNN, Sunday, 09/10/11 05:45
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