Starcraft II Female Autumn League 2011*today*
When you look outside the window you see that the leafs are getting colored in orange, red and brown, Autumn has arrived and the last rays of sunshine fade. To give Autumn a warm welcome, we want to offer you a special cup, the Autumn League 2011.

Starcraft II Female Autumn League 2011:

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(Check-in: 18:40 - 19:00 CET)
Sign-Up until 18:40 CET
Date: Tuesday, 18th October
Start: 19:00 CET
Size: 32 participants
Structure: Single Elimination


Basic rules:

Mappool: Default maps for each round
Mode: BO1 (semi/finals BO3)
Replays: Upload after the match

You want to join the Cup?

registry at ESL
at your ID (z.B. Sims#567)
Please provide one way to be contact you (e.g. MSN, Skype, IRC) 

More informations about the cup

Autumn League 2011 - Sign Up


If we reach the number of 8 participants, we can give you some premium prizes.
  • The best player will get as reward 3 months of Premium
  • The second one gains 2 months of Premium.
  • The third one gains 1 month of Premium.

Besides if we reach the number of 32 participants the winner will get a special award for the player account: it is the Autumn League award!

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Facebook Female Gaming

For general questions you can ask us in IRC #esl.female (Quakenet).

//Your Admin Team
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