Female teams wanted... for our 5on5 ladders!
Strange things are happening in our beautiful female section: since more or less one year the female section of the Electronic Sports League offers the european female teams a 5on5 ladder in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike:Source, but if you look into the ladders they seam to be quiet empty.... girls, where are you?
This news has the task to remind you of our Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike:Source 5on5 ladders where you can compete against other european female teams. Maybe some of you don't know that we have 5on5 ladders or maybe you just forgot that it exists. At the moment there are only 8 teams in the Counter-Strike:Source ladder and even only 6 teams in the Counter-Strike 1.6 ladder. Because of the great participation in our 5on5 cups we know that there are many 5on5 female teams outside there, so don't wait and join!

Female CS 5on5 Ladder - Sign Up Now!

Female CS:S 5on5 Ladder - Sign Up Now!

We hope to see your team soon in our ladder!

//your Admin Team
Isa, Tuesday, 22/02/11 07:35
Female CS 1.6 5on5 ladder sign up
Female CS:S 5on5 ladder sign up
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Female COD4 ladder, please! :D
#1 +
Anybody know of any female teams that are recruiting at the moment as I can't seem to find any
+4 :D
in future 2(3) team from Russia reg in css ladder))

p.s. w8 mous in cs ladder)
waiting for them, wedl :)

some 1.6 teams already joined, nice! female gaming is still alive :D
:PP hi na?
wait wait
wow 11 teams o/
still +4
+21 and EPS xD
03.03.11 10:07h JA JA DEINE MUDDA join_league Europe Female Gaming Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 Ladder
+1 soon :)
On my way ;)
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