Winter Cup - Playoffs & Final Round
24 female teams signed up for our Winter Cup groupstage, but only 8 teams managed to reach the playoffs. The 8 best teams needed all their skill to compete in best-of-three mode against the opposing girls, we saw some nice and exciting matches but now it is time for the final round! Who will be the winner of this Winter Cup?

The participants

The following teams managed to reach the playoffs:

The final round

Thursday, 17/02/11 15:00
Status: closed

  54x45 (#1) [32:12]  Moscow Five (#2)

Match for 3rd place

Thursday, 03/02/11 15:00
Status: closed

  maniaX Gaming C.. (#4) [0:6]  lettuce be cere.. (#3)

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We hope you enjoyed our Winter Cup and that you had a lot of fun! Thank you for participating and supporting the female section of the Eletronic Sports League.

//your Admin Team
Isa, Friday, 11/02/11 05:31
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