Second Starcraft II Female Cup is over
Sunday evening, well, for some participants it was early in the morning, our second Female Starcraft 2 Cup took place. 31 girls from many different countries participated. It is unbelievable! We had so much fun and of course now it's time to present you the winners.

Sc2goesFemale #1 - Winners

   1. Meeran
   2. precious
   3. LiCy

Sc2goesFemale #2 - Winners

   1. Pikachu
   2. Dzejna
   3. Amaterasu

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Relive the final
Replays are included in our awesome replaypack!

Famous MTV Taiwan VJ Linda Liao took an interest in the Cup

Linda "pikachu" Liao is not only a Diamond rank #1 player in Asia, she is also an actress, a singer and VJ for MTV in Taiwan. When she heared of this cup, she bought an EU bnet account and signed up at ESL. For this cup you need to be an EU user but don't worry. The National ESL will be hosting female cups in the future to give all ladies with US accounts the chance to play in such a friendly and thrilling female cup as well.

Linda promised to come back and play in this cup again. It is also likely that will be casting the next cup. Thanks to Meeran, we had a great post on Team Liquid, about 40.000 people were following this cup in the thread there. Because of this thread, many girls signed up at ESL and participated in this cup. If you watch replays from the replaypack, you will realize immediately that many of these girls really got game! Thank you girls, you were amazing! And a little extra on top: Lindas participation in this cup made it into Taiwan TV:

You don't understand chinese? Check english translation!

Let's start a new Cup!

The next date will be November 14th 2010. Details will be posted in this section soon. If you would like to know more about these cups, join our group on facebook:

Facebook Female Stracraft II Gaming

If anyone of you is writing about the matches or their experience at this cup, we are willing to publish your short articles here.

For general questions you can ask us in IRC #esl.female(Quakenet).

//your SC2 Admin Team
naddL, Tuesday, 09/11/10 11:02
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seems that we'll hear alot about the female scene in the future
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I think its good that ESL give room and news to the female scene. I hope alot of commentators can start to cast their matches so that they can get the spotlight aswell.
this news is so cool, it knocks me off my feet! go on Nadine! Awesome cup series!
Awesome, awesome, awesome. People on Facebook are going crazy over Pikachu's entries about the cup, unfortunately all in Chinese. :(
#5 -> They go crazy on blogs too ;). I randomly fallen on it while browsing internet over there, then saw the ESL news ^^.
Xp' wrote:
#5 -> They go crazy on blogs too ;). I randomly fallen on it while browsing internet over there, then saw the ESL news ^^.

Oh cool, show me :D
great job girls <3!
jaNy wrote:
great job girls <3!

#7 -> I will try to find it again Julia, you're unlucky my browser cleans itself each time I close it :(.
good job girls!

so happy to see more girls getting into gaming!
#10 Merci bien xp! Thanks
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